We all have a purpose in life-Serve God
Faith, spirits and hope

You don’t have to be any religion at all to have faith, hope or spiritual meaning in your life. Humans need to believe in something, otherwise they have nothing to live for, nothing to give meaning to them and nothing to believe that their actions good or bad have consequences in not only their lives but others as well.

You can have faith, and spiritualness in your life without religion. I think we have gone wrong in teaching our children that without religion there is nothing to believe in, they have become hopeless individuals that have no meaning in life. No faith, their spirits are empty.

I hope that we can overcome this problem we have with religion and learn that even if you don’t belong to any one religion or believe in any one God, we should fear our actions, have faith in ourselves and others and know that our spirits are alive inside us, even if we can’t see it. Because if we can see love, joy, or caring, we can see faith, spirit or hope, and if we believe that even if bad comes into our lives, good will always prevail if we choose to have faith in all of us.

We should be teaching all children to have faith, spiritualness and hope in their lives, even if they don’t believe in a God.